Are you naked in front of your clients?  You should be. But Mitch…I don’t want to be naked in front of my clients…are you kidding me?  Of course…I’m not talking about actually physically being naked but letting yourself truly be exposed.  Sharing the real “you”. Many of us put up a “business” front of who we are. Your clients (the ones who still choose to book you even though you weren’t genuine in the first place with them) are missing out.  You miss sales, you miss referrals…you miss connections…you miss LIFE. Why? All because you aren’t comfortable in your own skin to let Are you NAKED in front of your clients?someone in to know the real you.

    Let’s face it…you’re giving up your TIME away from your loved ones and family to spend it with a stranger and their loved ones and family.  Yes you may LOVE what you do but shouldn’t you also LOVE the people you work with (not for). Don’t miss that last statement. Work WITH – NOT for. When you work WITH your clients you come together to collaborate and create an experience that is uniquely them.  You partner with them because you WANT to – this isn’t just an opportunity for you to make money, which is important, don’t get me wrong, but there’s also an opportunity for CONNECTION. When you are REAL with them and they with you, you get closer to the understanding and meaning of what they want to get out of your product or service and the golden opportunity that exists between your collaboration.  That opportunity is one of connection, especially if it is with an ideal client. Strive to establish a REAL connection with every client, every time and sales just became a WHOLE lot easier.  

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