• "Nothing happens until a sale is made." - Red Motley


    • Research your client most effectively.
    • Book client meetings in your sleep.
    • Start your meetings for maximum effectiveness.
    • Ask the 2 questions you need to ask before talking about anything.
    • Position yourself as an expert and get your client to realize and say it.
    • Create a new way to present your services at the close.


  • Sales 4 Event Pros Workshop

  • Without sales, it doesn't matter how good you are or how good you think you are.  You can't showcase your business if you don't have sales.  You must master the skills it takes to sell effectively to the modern client, or you don’t eat. Gitomer Certified Advisor, Mitch Taylor, presents the first ever groundbreaking sales workshop for event pros.

    This intensive workshop will help you to create better connections with your clients and help you make bigger sales! During this 8 hour workshop, you will be guided through each facet of the sales process as Mitch provides a variety of real life sales scenarios allowing you to leave the workshop with a new and unique way to present your services.

    Workshop Note:

    • Please come ready to work.
    • Be prepared to learn.
    • Work will take place in small groups or pairs.
    • Sales 4 Event Pros Workshop is limited to the first 12 participants ($500 per participant).


    Reserve your spot TODAY for the Sales 4 Event Pros Workshop by contacting Mitch Taylor at (906) 280-8467.

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