• "In sales, It's not what you say; It's how they perceive what you say." - Jeffrey Gitomer


    • Properly research your client.
    • Gain common ground faster than ever.
    • Pair client goals with reality.
    • Position yourself as an expert in your field.
  • Sales 4 Event Pros Seminar

    In this fast-paced seminar Gitomer Certified Advisor, Mitch Taylor, breaks down the sales process that helped him grow his company Taylored Weddings into a six-figure business in a town so small that the closest Starbucks is over 60 miles away. You’ll discover proper ways to research your client and how to gain common ground faster than ever before, how to pair their goals with their reality and position yourself as an expert in your field so clients WANT to do business with you and eliminate the “hard-sell.”Mitch will explore the 4 objections you may face in the sales process and how to overcome them. Finally, you'll end the seminar by exploring valuable tips that will help you earn the sale at the end of meeting.

    Start your journey to greater sales TODAY by contacting Mitch for more information on this unique seminar!

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