• Join us at Mobile Beat Las Vegas for a D.E.E.P. DIVE into the Sales Process

    Have you ever wanted to sit in on another event professional’s sales meeting?

    Here is your opportunity.

    Be a fly on the wall and an active part of the workshop while we DissectExploreEvaluate and Profit by examining a full sales meeting together. Take a DEEP Dive into a sales meeting with the Creating Connections team Mitch Taylor and Vickie Musni as we uncover together the how, why and what of each step as the recorded sales meeting unfolds.

    In this 4 hour interactive session Mitch and Vickie will give you their advanced level course, live and in person. You will experience the Sales 4 Event Pros process IN ACTION through a combination of recorded video, live teaching, and group interaction.

    Together we will dive into each step:




    – How to uncover what a potential client IS and IS NOT saying before you have the first contact



    – How to put your clients at ease at the start of the meeting, and ways to create a
    stronger connection right from the start


    Goals / Reality

    – How to discover their expectations and the ways you can help meet them.


    Be The Expert

    – How to paint the picture of the outcome of their event with YOU at the helm
    of their party


    Present Solutions

    – How to ensure that they are NOT sticker shocked when you present your
    options to them at the end of your meeting


    The Close

    – How to make certain that you leave with an exact plan of follow up

    Want to take your business to the NEXT level? You are THIS CLOSE to learning the keys to providing personal solutions through understanding people better. Sign up below.

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