• Dan Priestly and Bob Mooney Lessons From A Mentor 9:37pm Tuesday night. My phone rings with a call from the 207 area code, my home state of Maine. I of course answer it, fearing the worse from maybe news of my Grandmother’s passing or worse. I answer the phone. “Hello” “Mitch…this is Jocelynn Priestly.” 1993 was the year and I was about to start the pilot program to be one of the first to earn an Associates Degree of Science from New England School Of Broadcasting (now Communications). It was a wild year…I was working at the campus radio station with my college [...]

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    What's your IQ?

    What’s Your IQ? No…not that IQ.  What’s your intriguing question?  I was listening to the Bill and Jason Show the other day (available at BillAndJasonShow.com and on #DJNTV as well in a search of YouTube) and they were discussing my book Sales 4 Event Pros.  Their topic also covered how to sell in a world where every bride wanted to break things down in just text format…communicating with you via email, FB message or text (I’m still waiting for my first inquiry to come via IM on Pinterest or DM on Twitter.)   Bill made a comment about how hard it is to distinguish your value in[...]

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    The Productivity Formula

    I have found that most people I chat with in our industry fail to plan, and therefore they, without realizing it or not, have planned to fail.  Its sad, but its the cold, stark truth.  Jim Cerone, in his seminar at Mobile Beat 20 "Behind The Scenes with The Perfect Host", made reference to this with a post from a DJ lamenting on Facebook that he couldn't make Mobile Beat this year.  Supposedly this individual had tried everything in his power to make it but finances just didn't work.  Want Jim's solution for how to guarantee you can afford training?  Buy the MBLV20 access [...]

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    Share Your Heart

    In sales, it’s VITAL to get to the emotion. People buy on emotion and justify on logic. You must tug at their heartstrings to appeal to their emotions. How do you do that? YOU have to have heart. Heart is an acronym that I recently developed while getting ready to board the Carnival Miracle out of Los Angeles for the Wedding and Event Professionals Cruise. H.E.A.R.T. stands for Hugs, Emotion, Attitude, Reality, and Thoughts. This is a two part article where this issue we focus on the H, E, and A of H.E.A.R.T. Let’s explore each of these a bit deeper.  Hugs  In his Getting What You’re [...]

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    Ask Great Questions

    Since becoming a Gitomer Certified Advisor, I’ve been inspired to create deeper and stronger connections with anyone I come into contact with. I immersed myself in producing Little Black Book Of Connections Workshops, as well as work on producing a podcast with Certified Personality Trainer Vickie Musni.  The podcast topics, questions, and feedback from viewers led us to writing a new book Creating Connections – 31 Days To Building Stronger and Deeper Relationships.  The following is an excerpt from the book with Week 2 Day 10:  Ask Great Questions.   "Great questions are constructed [...]

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